There are two sorts of possibilities here. The first is based upon continuing the good job you have made to date in developing a garden to your own taste but just simply do not have time to maintain it in the way that you can justifiably enjoy it in the long summer evenings, or at weekends. Very few people like the hard work that is necessitated in keeping a garden looking in top shape, especially if they are at work most of the week and simply want to enjoy the freedom of sitting out in a nice garden at the weekends etc. That is where we can help by developing a maintenance plan which is both suitable to your requirements and to your budget.

The other situation is one which faces a growing number of people who would like to be involved in the process of developing a lovely garden but who have neither the initiative, nor the time, or perhaps the necessary equipment to really get the area back to basics and have it replanted for a fresh start, with perhaps some useful suggestions as to how to best approach the task. We at Horticare can give it a complete ‘make-over’ and provide you with the opportunity of maintaining it yourself from thereon in, with perhaps only the occasional site visit by us to do some of the more onerous tasks on a seasonal basis.

Either way, just ask us to come to discuss what you have in mind. It could be just the sort of service which suits your requirements to perfection. We hope so. . . .